Come See My New Blog

Out with the old and in with the new!

My Wonderful, New Custom, Branded, Perfect for me Blog!


My apologies for the poor metaphors but I’m trying my best to catch up! I’m going to be neglecting this blog a bit until I get my new one up and running (hopefully within a few weeks). I’ll still post here but it may not be as frequently as before. I’ve got so much going on — new sites, a new blog and I’m eager to get it all done.

This post encompasses 3 different sessions – life as it begins, life as it enters the world and life itself — all the beauty and joy it brings.


A Little Red Haired Girl

I’m sure she’ll grow up to steal Charlie Brown’s heart one day.

Brown eyed baby

and her little dachsund!

This new family was so in love, it was a treat to work with them. Baby B was happy as can be — giggling whenever one of her puppies came over for kisses.

Little One

I’ve been photographing this beauty since she was an itty bitty baby. Here she is at 9 mo:


and her beautiful daughter.